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Tricia has been practising yoga for over 20 years and teaching for 18 years.   She started teaching aerobics 30 years ago and her interest in health and fitness gave her a passion to find out more about the body and she studied for a year with ITEC gaining a diploma  in Anatomy and Physiology and Massage.


Her yoga journey started with Yoga for Health in Ickwell Bury to gain her General Teaching Yoga certificate and then moving on to gain a Remedial certificate to teach people with injuries and ailments.


Working with recognised celebrity teachers such as Godfrey Devereux, where she took his three week Foundation Yoga course, and attending the Yoga Journal Conference in America to work with Ana Forrest, Shiva Rea, Rodney Yee and David Swenson to name but a few.  Tricia has studied with the British Wheel of Yoga to gain her teaching certificate.  She regularly attends workshops to keep her practice fresh and to further her experience, 


The Yoga she teaches is an eclectic mix of the experiences she has gained over the years, with a grounding in classical hatha,  using the breath and bandha as an integral part of the practice. 

Tricia has had her own health challenges over the years, being diagnosed with Ductal Carcinoma of the breast in 2009 and undergoing  mastectomy surgery to one breast, more recently a sailing accident left her with a fractured lower spine.


Tricia Quotes:   "Yoga helped me through those challenging times and I feel it has made me more empathetic towards those who attend class and have themselves gone through any surgery or health issues.

I want my classes to be both challenging and stress busting as well as enjoyable,and, more importantly accessible to all that attend.

We each get something individual out of our practice, therefore I am not dictated to by any particular style or 'guru', only by safely delivering the class and passing on my joy of yoga to others. To me it is more about a practice that comes from within, and being in the present moment. I could not imagine my life without yoga, and teaching and sharing a yoga practice with others is a pleasure I hope I will never need to give up"






























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