“I started Yoga classes about 18 months ago. I wanted to improve my flexibility and overcome backache and stiffness that was affecting my life. Tricia has impressed me with her great ability to simplify the poses and encourage Yoga students of all standards and experience. She organised a great Yoga break in Portugal which was fun and not too intensive, but helped me to integrate Yoga into my daily life. Tricia is a fine teacher and an approachable and good humoured person. I recommend her Yoga classes to anyone.” Mike - Kings Hill






Tricia's class content varies from week to week - essential for those of us who attend on a regular basis, she is concious of differing levels of class competence and always gives options, but tries to  push us all to our 'edge'.  She manages to hit a happy medium between seriousness and humour during her classes and I always come out feeling calm but stimulated and energised at the same time, her whole persona is very inspiring with her bright colourful clothing, and I personally find her classes encouraging and motivating.   Vanessa - Sevenoaks 

TrishMartinYoga 2012

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